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Human Presence™ Technology

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Ellipsis has developed a proprietary web security technology which allows a website owner to invisibly detect human site visitors while quarantining all suspicious visitors. The Human Presence— real-time technology allows human site visitors to avoid frustrating CAPTCHA-like tests. Website owners work hard to drive users to their site... our technology helps you focus on user experience, customer satisfaction and ultimately higher online sales.

Additionally, Ellipsis has developed a technology that invisibly detects and records the behavioral characteristics of a specific individual. This baseline behavioral profile can then be compared to future behavior to verify the presence of this individual for access control and seat license compliance applications as well as for academic and military studies with relation to concussion and specifically traumatic brain injury research.

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What Human Presence™ Technology Can Do For You...

Eliminate Captcha

The Human Presence™ Technology detects humans, not bots. We help eliminate it for your human site visitors, they can visit your site hassle free.

Trap Bots

Our technology allows you to send bots away from your site... Protecting your site from malicious bots.

Analytics Dashboard

With the analytics dashboard we provide for your site, you can easily see human and bot traffic.

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